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Made from Japanese Asahi Glass,5 Hours of Tempering Time:Good Quality

Dear Manager,

This is Raymond from TOPSKY DIGITAL a company manufacturing fashionable and high quality mobile accessories.
We have different thickness of tempered glass: 0.15mm/0.2mm/0.26mm/0.33mm

Our tempered glass is with high flexibility with Japanese Asahi Glass, with can reach an arc of 180 degree without crack.


Among our tempered glass, there are ordinary, full screen, soft edge(never crack), anti-blue ray, 3D, anti-crack...
We use Japanese Asashi glass, and below is the pic of our packing.
If you need any kind of tempered glass, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards

The New Digital Era !  

 Raymond Chen 
 Website: www.topskydigital.com 
 Skype: topskyvision1
 Tel: +86-755-36989196