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RE: Simple way to increase your profit in ISP business?

Dear sir,

So glad to hear that you are on the market for Internet service. We would like to recommend our new patented product “Tap Coin WiFi” which can help you expand your Internet service from home/office to public places (like dormitories, parks, shopping malls, international airports) via WiFi and double your profit.

Its special “tapping-for-WiFi” feature can attract many visitors to try it when it is installed in a public place where people linger often. No username and password is required. Just tap your smartphone/tablet on the device, insert coins, then you can enjoy WiFi Internet service. We believe that it’s a good supplement to your existing Internet service.

For more information, please search this product on Google with the keyword “Tap Coin WiFi”. We hope to be a partner of your company!

Best regards,
Ms. Chase Wan
Senior Sales Manager
Shenzhen Guanri Netcom Technologies Co., Ltd.
Whatsapp: +8618667018886
Tel: +86-755-26520916
Room 1905, Dongfang Technology Building, 15 Kefa Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518057, P.R.China