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ship from China



This is Cindy Fu from Shenzhen DFH GLOBAL LOGISTICS Co,Ltd.

We specialize in global logistics more than 7 years,now we have some stable services with the beautiful prices.


※Europe railway transpotation(taxes included,could ship batteries cargos,power bank,E-cigarette without tobacco tar,adult products and some other cargos)

※Australia express line

※Sinpore express line

※Malaysia express line(taxes included)

※Regular courier service(include DHL,FedEx,TNT,UPS) with a ultra low discount

※Air to port or air to door freight(from Shenzhen,Guagnzhou,Hongkong,Shanghai,Fuzhou&Beijing) to your coutry with the best prices


On  the other hand,we could collect different orders from different suppliers and ship everything in one consolidated shipment by you convenience and business optimization.


Our service is flexible,we could provide the best option according to your real conditions.So when forwarding from China please choose...Shenzhen DFH GLOBAL LOGISTICS Co,Ltd.


Please feel free to contact me for details or if you have any questions. We look forward to contribute to your success,many thanks.




Best regards

Cindy Fu

Tel: 86 755 66802954

Cel./WhatsApp/Wechat:86 137 5114 9375