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RE: 3-in-1 Vending Machine for WiFi Vending, Airtime Top-up, & Cellphone Charging


Glad to know that you are in the business of vending machines. Our hot-seller "WiFi Vending Machine" with low investment, CE certificate, and 3-in-1 function will help you get more income in this new kind of business.?

After inserting coins, the user can choose to get the following service:?
1. WiFi Internet connection?
2. Mobile airtime top-up
3. Cellphone charging?

In comparison with traditional vending machine, this novelty requires very low investment in:
1. Equipment (lower than USD1000)
2. Rental fee (only need to install on desktop or on wall)
3. Operation cost (only need broadband Internet connection)
4. Maintenance cost (only need remote supervision of running and revenue status)

Our clients have successfully get stable revenue by installing this machine in apartments, dormitories, airports, restaurants, hotels, rural villages, and schools, which are also the golden place for traditional vending machines. So why not utilize your current resource to get more money??

You can search "Tap Coin WiFi" in Google or Alibaba to know more about this product.?Don’t hesitate to contact me at any time to get quotation and product spec.?We look forward to receiving your reply soon.

Best regards,
Ms. Chase Wan
Senior Sales Manager
Shenzhen Guanri Netcom Technologies Co., Ltd.
Whatsapp: +8618667018886
Tel: +86-755-26520916
Room 1905, Dongfang Technology Building, 15 Kefa Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518057, P.R.China