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Re: Outdoor floodlight camera

Dear friend,

Good day.
We are the factory of surveillance cameras. Recently we developed and upgraded 
a new tooling of Tuya surveillance camera with floodlight which you seldom see 
in the market. Although there are a few floodlight cameras in the market, their 
prices are very high but without good effect. Instead, ours prices are very 
competitive and effect is much better. So we are confident in this new product.

Glad to recommend our new Tuya surveillance cameras with following features.
1.Private tooling. The housing of cameras are unique.
2.2.5 inch, 300W high resolution.
3.The two sides of Tuya floodlights can be rotated with the middle cameras.
4.Good chipset, Good effect.
5.Price is much competitive than the same products in the market.
6.Not only cameras, but also a garden light 7.Full color night vision. You can 
see clearly at night.
8.Built – in microphone and speaker, Two-way audio.
9.You can surveil at mobile phone.
10.When it detect the motion, it will alert.

P.S :
To be honest, Most customers like our new camera when they receive the samples!
So we hope that Sir can take a sample for evaluation.

Best Regards,
Tel: 0755-23046654 / +86 13480819193
Whats App: +86 13480819193